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Earn Money Working From Home While Searching For a Job

Justin Milano

Work from homeWhile you're trying to submit your Home Depot application and get hired you may want to explore how to earn money working from home right there in front of your desktop computer. People the world over are finding out how easy it is to pick a niche or topic they think will be competitive and in demand, creating a free Google blogger blog, and collecting Adsense revenue for their writing efforts.

When I say a niche is competitive, I mean the topic itself has a wide audience, big enough to give you a piece of the advertising pie revenue as opposed to a niche that doesn't attract any visitors to your blogs. It's really easy to research this by typing into the Google search engine box something like; "top 10 niches." The results will show you what to pick so you can be profitable.

So, how do you start? Here's an overview. Keep in mind step-by-step instructions would be beyond the scope of this article and would take at least 30 pages of content but here's the surefire way to get started, as well as the complete idea in a nutshell. Take the time to research each and every topic by doing a Google search on each one. You'll find all the information you'll ever need is contained right there on the Web. Of course, you have to learn each part, implement it, and learn on your own through trial and error:

  1. Create a free Google Blogger account and launch your first blog.

  2. After creating your blog and writing an "About," "Contact," "Privacy Policy," page, and after writing approximately 5 posts, apply for the Google AdSense program. These are ads where you will place the AdSense code in your site's HTML and you will collect revenue. In other words, you will serve as the middleman or middle-woman for that matter, for all of these companies placing ads with Google.

    Keep in mind you need to learn about keyword research and how SEO (search engine optimization) works.

  3. Next, you can social bookmark your site's main url as well as the pages contained so you can get backlinks to your site and raise its rank. That's how people will find your blog. Never bookmark it more than 2-3 times a day and skip a few days or so while you're doing it so it appears that your site is being bookmarked in a natural way; this way you will stay in Google's good graces and not have your site delisted from the search engine results.

That's pretty much it! You build your site, you get backlinks to it. It takes work, something that a lot of people are unwilling to do. This is where you come in; to earn money working from home with this method you have to be consistent and persistent, ad soon enough, you will crack your very own money-making code!

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